Dear future boyfriend,

Im ready to be in a relationship, I'm done being single. Please be kind, make me laugh when I'm crying, and above all, please be faithful. In return, I will eventually give you my heart, and I will be faithful. When your sick I will take care of you, when you want to cuddle I'll be waiting with a warm blanket, a scary movie, and some popcorn. One thing I ask is please take care of my heart.

Your future girlfriend :)

P.s. Don't leave the toilet seat up :)
Christianruby Christianruby
22-25, F
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Ha ha!! The toilet seat took a while but after meeting a woman just like u I finally married! Stilll married 33 years later still watching scary and romantic movies with popcorn


Dear you,
I was wondering , where is the post from my would be girlfriend and I have found it here. I would be faithful to you my dear and will be by your side in the darkest of your days and brightest of your days. I will double up as the man who made the princess laugh. When you are sick we would enjoy a good soup and I will cook it for you.A scary movie wouldn't scare me because we would be holding hands. I will take care of your heart you take care of mine.
Your would be boyfriend

PS: will TRY my best to keep the damn toilet seat down.

I'm just tryna ****

That was sweet to read

You are just the kind of lady I have been looking for.

You had me until the toilet seat. ;)

Nice one. Now I wonder will I get my next chance???

rofl :) I like your PS, that was a question my fiance once asked me when we first met if I raised and lowered it lol

There is someone special just for you, believe it, trust it and know it will be delivered by Him. Keep the faith :0)

Super cute story :)

awwwwwwwwww sooo cute of uuuu

Couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't leave the toilet seat up. Would that be a deal breaker?

Cutest thing i've read so far. Sure you'll find an amazing guy sometime.

Just date for now and finish college cause you don't want get to serious guys at age group 22-25 are not mature enough what you looking for, One day at a time

With your humor and beautiful eyes, I doubt you'll be single for long (probably already 'taken', I'd bet.)

lol.... thats cute

To be honest, I dont know how serious you can believe me. All I want to tell you dont take my words as an online friendship, I am serious in having a long lasting relationship b'cos I'm tired of fakes. Pls, can you write me back if you're looking for a serious relationship. Thanks

Why is there never any girls like you around ... in all the relationships ive ever been in all ive ever been is kind and respectful to them but all i get is a broken heart in the end. Well i really hope you find your future boy and keep a long and healthy relationship with him. ^o^

lol@ the PS

Your time will come youngin' ;) He's out there for you looking, but hasn't found you yet. Give it some time and that cute smile of yours will get even bigger!

Hi :) I like your honesty, and I've been trying to find someone too

cute....may u find yr bf soon ... i know u are not looking for bf will find a one nar your home town

Hope he found you.

I am waiting on him too.

Okay promise ;)

very funny ,

can we start thinking....??

"dont leave the toilet seat up" lol

I feel the same way except i am looking for A girlfriend :)

i believe he'll find you and he'll make you happy and take care of your heart :)

im single looking for the right one too !im looking for the right one !is she out there?

let me love you :)xxx

Hope you find your new boyfriend,would love to be your boyfriend but I'm far to old!

i would love you for ever :) :))x

that sounds sweet, i am in the same boat as you christian. i too await for that someone to find me

i hope you find your perfect match soon

I have been looking for you my entire life! Should you see me though don't judge me and everything I did in my life up to that point by your first look my way. I am not a bodybuilder, really not the life or the party, I really don't drink or hang out with obnoxious people, I am a health professional but you wouldn't know that unless you asked as well as a sweet loving person looking for a LTR relationship with a sweetheart like you. Too bad you will never know what a great loving guy I am as you went home with the loud, drunk, unemployed ******* that all the girls wanted but you fought for and won


so how to contact you than?

Hes out there somewhere its just a matter of finding...

"P.s. Don't leave the toilet seat up" lol , love that bit.<br />
I hope you find him.

Good fer you, keep that chin up and you'll find someone worth your time :)

Nice post, lets chat someday :)