Boyfriend Break Up With Me, Becouse 21 Yrs Kid.

few months ago i was hurt.i found out that he likes this girl she is 21 yrs old , my bf and I both fifty yrs old. we stil eat lunch together we talk at work, when i say i love him he said it back we kiss and we do thing like used to be..i dont know what else to think anymore. i like this girl she a friends daughter. boys at work start gossiping, oh will, i dont know who to believe anymore..please i need advice to all my single friends help!!!
merly61 merly61
46-50, F
1 Response Sep 5, 2012

This is just rediculous ! He must be blind . What some 50 years old man would find in someone at 21? He does not deserve ! Which proves me once again how selfish men are! I wish you with all my heart to find somone decent .