:) Single :)

Been single 10yrs now. Have Loved it. My time has been for my 2 Angels,my daughters. Life is what we make of it. Be happy with who you are,Love where you are in life. God Bless.
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Funny ****.

Hi there,
I actually typed in King of EP in the search bar just for fun,
smiling along the way at what I was seeing......

I have been amused at folk who think I am Billy Madison (and bless him, last time I heard he was sick right now), I haven't been blocked by anyone or suffer insecurity over billy, and I tell them directly I am not Billy (most have believed me, too bad to the couple who haven't and lost moi - which is funny cos they thought I was billy lol, I dont judge billy BTW, heard he is a crazy ************ ha)
but this group fascinates me because I guess .................its about me right? ;...................

NO ego from me,
no BS,
But I have to get a piece of this whole discussion,
Because I didn't even intend to be a King,
I just encountered this site and got a ton of love from folks
for my humour and etc..........
I am a real dude and just starting writing my stories and engaging
and I guess I am a
so dont wonder,
feel free to go to my profile.
I am here for love and fun, all friendship.

Amen to this . Bless you


Everybody thinks the grass is greener on the other side! How many people who are married... and miserable.. WISH they could be single.. but then you have a lot of lonely singles wanting a relationship so bad it hurts. I would rather be a little bit lonely every-so-often AND SINGLE... then "trapped" and miserable! :-)

Yes so true.

Technically I have been single for 2 years. I'm finally coming around to the fact that I don't need to worry about it. Whatever happens will happen, but I don't have control so I guess I am surrendering? idk

Angel if you are happy with you the rest will be icing on you're cake.

Twelve for me....but I am ready to venture out

Love being single.

i wish i have kids too. im single but separated. we never had the chance to have a child.