Bonuses And Downfalls

I will start by saying that being single or being in a relationship with some one, like all things has its ups and downs. So many people enjoy both for different reasons. I thought I would share mine. Being single for me is always been about taking time to think and look at where you are at and where you want to be. Getting your head on straight and setting your focus on your personal goals again. It can free up a lot of time to pursue interests that you want to get into but never started or finishing projects that got put off. I know that when I am in a relationship that I often get caught up in the other person and lose my focus. So I can enjoy being single. In a relationship it is nice to have that other person to talk To and come home and se every night. Waking up next to that person with. A smile on your face and feeling like its going to be a good day because you will see then later. Tackling challenges with 2 head instead of 1 and not always knowing what to expect that day. I like being single but much prefer being with some one that makes me happy.
xospi863 xospi863
22-25, M
Sep 10, 2012