It Hurts To Be Single Sometimes.

There's nothing wrong with being single.
It's just when you come across a guy who seems so nice, and you think 'Oh I think I like him', he suddenly just tears your heart out and stamps on whatever confidence you just have left.

I want someone who won't judge me.
Who won't argue against me having such an open mind. Who'll make me feel good and won't stamp all over my confidence. Who won't tell me I'm "beautiful" one day, and stop speaking to me the next. Who won't try and use me to go out with my best friend. Who will be able to support me in everything that I do.

I want someone who I could have real talks with, who I can be stupid with and have fun with.
I want one of those cringey yet soppy moments in disney films where we both just hug eachother and butterflies just take you over because we love eachother and blagh..

This is not going to happen because no guy will ever.. *sighs*
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Well Ms.chezsa...I have something that u want to know. We should speak, my name is Rhoni...I am a life coach and use to struggle with the same thing until i began making drastic changes for the betterment of myself and my love life. As soon as I did, I met a wonderful man and got engaged then married...we have a beautiful family and I have my Life Coaching business "ButterFlyy Coaching"...I am an expert on women and our deepest issues and I have developed the perfect thing to help other women find healthy longlasting love. This is not a gimmick its fool proof, why because it starts with u !! Its called "Operation Single women" . Look me up on FB at so u can see if its something u would be interested in. I do most of my coaching via phone and or skype so u dont have to be local. U will love this challenge, we even end it with a professional model and stylist that gives u tips on the way u dress, and make-up 101 as well as how to date the right way. Its amazing and women have been getting wonderful results, 3 of my clients are already engaged. This is not me trying to sell u anything, its ur choice Im just lending my hand. Just call, what do u have to lose? 240.385.4921

I wish I could help you heal and see things differently.Try not to say"no guy ever will" just because some guys are dirtballs.MANY guys out there are good-you just don't hear about them on Jerry Springer.And you're a reader- a HUGE plus.Have the best day possible.Hugs!

I hope that you will find someone that will share the same feeling for you that you for them!

Thanks for the responses guys, will be sure to add you to my 'circle' o.o and lool, I turn 18 3 months :|

Ya some people are like that and I hate to see people like that. I treat Woman like they are the most important person in the world and they do the same thing and I fell like I would never get someone. But every day I know and have hope In I will find the right person.. Just just keep telling your self that one day you will find the right person. <br />
<br />
And If you need to talk to someone you can trust me.