Seriously Stucked In A Relationship.......maybe You The Reader Can Help

can anyone here this woman out.....i need to get out of this loneliness anyone here to help?........oh my goodness.....i think you are the right one.........yes you
AndysonAyi4u AndysonAyi4u
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3 Responses Sep 12, 2012

What can I help with? I'm willing to listen and give advice...


Why are you stuck?

Her usage indicates past tense. So, she was stuck, but she still needs help. Also, she needs someone to figure out what her location is, as demonstrated by her first fragment, here being indicative of the possibility that she is lost. Either that, or it's some kind of scam written by someone with a limited grasp of English. At least, I hope that's why her writing is so ungodly atrocious.