My Wife Is Attractive, Intelli...

My wife is attractive, intelligent, confident, demanding, and a whole host of things that make her a very interesting person.
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4 Responses May 7, 2007

Why would you even take the time to type your little note? Nobody cares about you and your old lady or what your thoughts about her are. That should be your own business. But am happy for you and her , good luck.

I know!! silly man! still, its an old, old post now maybe he is single now...with a bit of luck! Arrogant swine!

It is kind of funny in a way because on here with all stores a person can just post and run. Get people mad and laugh?

I think it is better to know yourself and like who you are. Weather married or single, being one or the other makes no difference. But when
he right two people fall in love that can be fantastic.

Trying to rub it in the faces of those who are single? Sorry, baby... that ain't gonna work. At least I am single by choice... :-)

Somebody has underlying regrets about who he ended up with. Or he wants a cookie.

You want a straight punch to the nose? Bit strange, but what ever floats your boat, pal.

aww that is really good<br />
you know everybody wishes for their wife to be like that