Being Single Sucks

I hate hearing all this crap about how being single is so fun nd all that othwr stuff but honestly being single is getting old. It was fun at first I'll Dmit but now it's just lonely. I want a boyfriend, but for some reason I really want a long distance relationship.
DancingOnBrokenGlass DancingOnBrokenGlass
18-21, F
4 Responses Sep 20, 2012

Let me first say you are very beautiful! I think that sounds like a good plan a long distance relationship especially someone your age. This way it isnt too serious.

i understand you alot ! im close to your age im 16 and i say the same things you just said now it gets boring after you been single for a while and your just looking at all these couples and wish you could have a relatinship like theirs

I am in Maine is that long distance.

Well, maybe you just desire affection from a guy that you don't get. Well, have you tried to get a relationship then?