Getting Out Of A 7 Year Relationship

I am newly single. Having been with the same man for the last seven years its so hard for me to give a guy a chance. I have dated several men, but I cant seem to take any of them seriously because i think of my ex. Its only been a month so I guess it will go away at some point. I have many guys that want a serious relationship from me and I feel so empty like i have nothing to give anyone. I don't know how they cant see that. They want so much from me, but there is nothing there. Makes me want to get rid of everyone and just hide in my house, but I cant just curl up and die. I am in such a weird spot in my life right now. Never felt this way before. Anyone else feel so confused about the world and themselves after a long relationship ended?
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i now see!!!! this makes it all so clear to me now may!!

Its normal, it eventually passes. You are the only 1 who can choose to be ok.

i am newly single too after 7 long years, he was my first boyfriend.. i know its really hard to forget him at this moment, it has only been a month also for me, i'm still trying to adjust with my life without for now, i'm keeping myself busy with lots of new activities for me to do aside from work.. and every time i will find myself thinking of him and missing him, i will remind myself over and over again on how much pain he has caused me despite all the forgivenes and chances i have given him that he deserves and still hasn't changed.. I deserve someone better that him..

Hi jobugs,

I liked your comment. You are obviously suffering too, but you are showing that there are things one can do to help get through the pain. And the tactic of reminding yourself how much pain that guy caused you when you find yourself missing him is a really good one - I need to try that myself.

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Feeling the way you are feeling is completely natural.

The pain you are suffering is a normal response to a breakup, and it forms part of the healing process.

Though I must admit, your having been together with the same guy for 7 years, and being your not being able to stop thinking about him after 1 month is not really surprising.

And the fact that you have already dated several men within that month....maybe you need to take a break from relationships and dating for a little while? Give yourself a chance to sort out your head and your heart?

Just a thought =)

Usually when I get out of a relationship I can hang out with other guys and feel fine, so I thought I would do what I normally do after a breakup. I didn't realize this time would be so different. I'm a bit of a robot sometimes when it comes to feelings so I'm always confused by how I feel lol. I think your right though. I might actually need time to myself this time around.