I Would Love To Meet Someone Cool On Ep

Yes I am getting out of a long relationship, but I think having a cool guy/girl to speak with from afar that is not in my day to day life would be nice. Dating is too stressful on me right now, but talking with someone over the net would be just what i need i think. I dont want to be completely alone, but I also dont want anything serious. So if you are a male or female from the ages of 27-45 WITH a pic of you somewhere so i can see who I'm talking to. And that doesnt ONLY want to have sex chat. And PLEASE no guys/girls that are into the poo in the pants thing!!!! I am a very open minded person, but I just CANNOT get on board with any of that disgusting ****. Also, please be somewhat attractive and not completely let go of yourself being all fat and such.
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31-35, F
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There are many nice folks on here. I am sure you will find some decent people to talk to, if you have not found some already.

All the best to you!

What's wrong with being fat? I see people that made it upon themselves, but I've seen many overweight individuals that never had a choice in being physically fit, due to their parents, forced lifestyles, something else.

I dont care if people are fat...I just cannot be attracted to someone that is fat. I want to b attracted to the person i speak with that is why I have so many criteria. Even though im not looking to date I still want to feel some semblance of that all the while. Its all I can handle right now. Some people can b attracted to fat people and others cant. I'm not racist but I also am not attracted to most people outside my race. Cant help what my brain decides is attractive and whats not.

Whatever you think works best for you.

Looking for a relationship on here?


Ep isn't exactly a dating website, but good luck anyhow.

really?? Did you even read my what i wrote?? Im not looking to date. I just want someone I enjoy talking with without worrying about commitments or dating and I'm pretty sure that is exactly what EP is for.

I did, and alright. Well, it is what EP is for, though it sounded like that you wanted to eventually date. I apologize for that.

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