Single Pringle

OK, I've had boyfriends that didn't last but I don't really care about the disapointment anymore because being single is better in some ways, like you can flirt with another guy and not have to put up with the 'I was flirting with someone today and I feel bad' type thing in your mind when you see them or the 'I wonder if you flirt with that girl' thinking which really anoy's the Crap out of me. But when your single... You can flirt with guys as much as you want and not have to feel bad about it. You can feel flattered when a guy asks you out or likes you. So practicallywhat Im saying is that being single is awesome and you shoulden't feel that bad about it because when you are you should just think 'Im Free!!!'.

---Peace XD
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3 Responses Sep 23, 2012

Your still young so take time to have fun,visit places home and abroad and then think of settling down.

Nothing wrong with checking out the field while you can. I am 3 times your age so I have been around awhile. I got married at 19 and many of my friends were married around that age and many divorced as they fell out of lust, or their interests just changed.
Be careful, but have a wonderful time. You will have many years to be saddled with a lot of responsibility.

haha xD!

You having fun?? Sure sounds like it!

The world is your oyster......or should that be lobster....? ;D