Good Guys?

I'm not saying there isn't any good guys out there. But why is it that every time i start to like a guy, he turns out to be the biggest jerk in the world!? I want a guy that will put me before his friends. A guy that wants to meet my family and wants me to meet his. One that will take silly pictures with me and have the weirdest conversations. I want one of those relationships where we send eachother love letters in the mail even though we live down the street from eachother. That will call me at 2 in the morning just to say i love you. I just want a guy that i can be myself around. That will act weird with me. And show me off to his friends. And WON'T cheat on me. What happened to those kind of guys? Not saying none of you guys aren't like that. But the guys where i live aren't. Well most of them anyways. I don't want a PERFECT guy. I just want a guy that will treat me like i'm perfect. I don't want the best relationship in the world. I just want one that will last. Not a fairy tale couple. But the kind you have been dreaming about since you were little. Is this too much to ask for? It might be. But that's how i want my relationship to be. Just ONE guy. If you can give me all this. And treat me like i'm someone special to you. You will be just AMAZING! And I will be done with my search <3 LOL. All i'm asking for is a cute long lasting relationship <3 c:
A girl who deserves it c: <3
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Were still out there but we are the older guys that care. The younger guys belong to a throw away sociaty they use you for what they want then move on to there next goal. I had a 29 year old girl tell me this an after putting much thought into it she is right. We use to work at staying married now its ok your not happy bye.

Take it from me, Guys your age are mostly mindless hornballs. They won't become thoughtful thinkers until they are much older. Now I am not saying that you need to find an older guy, I am saying that you shouldn't be so concerned about guys right now. You are young and have plenty of time for that kind of stuff later. For now, just get good grades to set yourself up for a good life and enjoy your youth. You will thank yourself later.

every guy is different in thier own way and most guys are nice and some are not but its not hard to look

if u want, im just saying you can add me and i can be your friend or whatever but if you want =0

Hmmm I understand most of it, but thats how i am
One big thing I don't get though, at least for me, I would NEVER EVER,EVER bring a girl to meet my family, if I cared about her, it's just something I wouldn't do, I'm pretty psychotic myself, but I'm like 1/100th of my family

There are still good guys out there, but they don't feel they can be themselves because usually they get taken advantage of and hurt... a lot.

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Simple, mean guys act nice, nice guys act normal.

The easy answer? A large number of women don't date nice guys. they disregard them and chase the *** hats. Men notice this and become *** hats to get what they want.

Eh being an "*** hat" isn't on my list of to-dos in life
Id rather be a complete nerd, who's extremely caring, and alone forever than be that

You know why you attract people you cant be normal around? You re probably the type that tries to be what they re looking for, not yourself. When people say just be yourself, its because its hard to be yourself. Scared of rejection for who you are. **** that. Some people will like you, some wont. But thats the only true way of finding true friendship and true love. It might take a while, but rather that then going through douchbags and morons.

Plus you re super young, at that age there are no relationships for guys, just objects of lust.

And that's crap if your girl needs you it means you have to be there and you have to stay by her side

If you follow your heart and soul you'll find the right person I'm going exactly what your going through but with girls

Never settle.

Oh wait until your my age. They don't get much better. Good luck to you Bless you

Add me

You put All My thoughts into words <3

Boys are spoiled now a day, don't have to work for a lot when they get something it means nothing. It's like window shopping you want what you don't have and once you have it, it loses appeal. I have met boys and girls alike that are about nothing more than instant gratification. The good ones get taken or go unnoticed. Take your time, and maybe just try talking to some one not in your circle. You might get surprised.

You have the right attitude to have what you like. Seems that what you have now is guys just using you. Im not sure if your into older guys but they would give you everything your looking for. Why not add me an we could chat here on on Skype. Would enjoy making you happy.

You're right. It's not asking too much.

You're not asking for too much in what you write. There are too many people who take the concept of a meaningful relationship for granted. Relationships were hard to come by for me when I was younger, which is probably why I stayed married to someone who didn't really love me from the start. But now I'm back to square one, and she's back to being the person she was the day before I met her. I will simply say, don't lose hope. You're a very pretty young woman. Hopefully someone will come along who will appreciate, respect, and love you the way you deserve in those things. Take care, and best wishes always. :)

Thanks everyone. It means alot. And i appreciate all of the advice.

it will take time to find a good guy theirs few left but just keep looking and dont give ur heart out to just anyone

Well reading all the comments that others have left I can say I agree with alot of them. I can only say your still young and will have plenty of chances to meet lots of guys. You might want to try and be more mindful as to who you choose. Not every hot good looking guy is going to be a great guy. Looks arent everything, personality can change the outside look of someone. I've known lots of Attractive girls but with horrible personalitys. I have known lots of beatiful girls with great personalitys. Look passed the flesh and see people for who they are not what they look like.

you are looking for a man not a boy,if your age right then most boys your age are still into finding themselves and having fun with mates,remember girls mature faster then boys,you will find the guy of your dreams but it will be a while yet,

well maybe your just looking for looks becuz looks can fool you most of the time, u want a hot stud ok hes got looks, but what about the inside? hes probably too busy lookin at himself in the mirror or obsessed with his muscles. but if u find an average okay looking guy u can be rlly surprised with what u get just take it from me. ow and for guys he will always put his friends first nothing personal especially if theyre close bros. and if he doesnt wanna meet ur parents obviously he doesnt wanna marry you or be with u for long i guess. most of the girls these days only care for looks when they completely ignore wts in the inside nd end up being hurt, cheated on or, left. so yea.. and hope it goes well with u good luck :)

Because ur probbily looking for a bad cute hot kind of guy if not then there just jerks

Think about no one guy is perfect... Just accept them and choose them well

Well... a couple of things come to mind. Bros before hoes, in moderation of course. Second, what do you bring to the table? I find people who make long lists like you tend to think that your demands are far more of a contribution than these guys deserve. Finally, if being a nice guy actually got girls. Then the world would be a much better place. Sadly, being a nice guy means girls like you want him to remain your friend for fear of becoming a jerk.

I heard on the radio that a lot of time girls go for bad guys because they make the girls feel wanted and they use their confidence to draw us in. It make sense since I know girls like to be pursued. The good thing is that you realize he's a jerk. Most girls will deny that and make excuses for them.

You have time. Lots and lots of time. My advice, go for the shy guys, the confident ones that you are draw to are not your type.

Thank you (: