Dating. It Sucks.

I don't like the whole process.
I wish I could skip it.
Unfortunately, I cannot read minds or I would.

The End.
:) S.
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4 Responses Nov 17, 2012

Dating is a necessary evil. It does suck alot.

That's why I like EP (when I like it). You can cut right to the chase of who you are, so if someone resonates with you it's to your authentic self, not the show we put on for dating. And assuming that people are honest in what they write, you can understand what a person is about without the mindreading trick.

I agree. I think you can tell a lot more about a person by what they write, or don't....I think the body of what I write reflects who i am. I'm really the same in person. Maybe, not all people on EP do that.

I completely agree! I hate the whole "getting to know" phase because of the time and effort it takes and then you end up realizing they aren't as serious about a relationship as you are. Don't get me wrong I love actually getting to know them I just hate the disappointment at seeing guys not be serious about things and just "seeing what happens." I think what I hate most is that there are guys who want a committed, serious relationship...I just never seem to find them. I wish we all had little symbols on our foreheads that matched one other person in the world like in this one episode of Medium lol. Then, our job would just be to find out matching symbol when we were that would be nice.

I love that! That would be fantastic! I always wonder if there are really soulmates and if mines just doing the same thing...misreading the symbols, stuck with the wrong woman. I'm right here, dude! Lol. :)

yep. I'd rather stay single and take my chances finding something potentially exclusively intimate via friendship.