Longing But Am I Ready?

Yes i am single hopefully someday i wont be.You dont choose who you fall for it just happens,but if i fell hard for someone and it ended the break up period would be hard.I know you cant avoid break ups but i want to be emotionally ready for a relationship.People pray upon those who they see as weak or vulnerable i dont want to be in that situation
Ive now had several first kisses but thats all they were just kisses nothing really meaningful or heart felt.
I long for someone to cuddle with or just listen.I long for someone who will help me up when i am down.Or just be there.A lot of the times you go through a lot of duds being single.Then you may find mr right and have it still not be what your looking for.A lot of times i tried to think of (myself included) females as diamonds.If your a diamond you dont want someone who will throw you or forget about yo only polishing you once in a blue moon.You want someone whose committed to you and keeping you happy and making yo feel a sense of worth and beauty all the time.I dont speak for every women on this earth but i know that humans need respect,self worth,and love.
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Nov 26, 2012