Not Good For One To Be Alone...

actually iam a single mommy of 2kids, and i dont find any fun in it! there times when i really need the hand of a man in my life, i need male voice to rule my home and its never there. i love my kids so much and i pray to Almighty each day that they never miss out that fatherly love, its so horrible to grow up without a dad to hug u, shelter u and to protect you... i missed all that cause my real parents were seperated so i grew up with my mom
i get lonely not having a better half to talk to, i have to be a mum at the same time a father , i play the fatherly roles to my kids its fun but so tiresome, children were meant to have a dad and mum ; a woman is entitled to a husband... it's not good for one to be alone, i hope one day God makes my family complete...
mutukuvu mutukuvu
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Wanna talk? I am wanting a good woman to seriously love and be loved by. : )