I Am Looking For A Good Natured Sweet Heart Of A Gal To Love And Be Loved By, Interested?

Please be around 25 years old to 50. You born female, sweet personality loving, kind. Ready for a life long real relationship, openminded.
I am wanting a keeper (someone I can get along with easly) A Lover and Best friend for life.

Thanks Write soon.
bluedragon2112 bluedragon2112
41-45, M
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Yup still searching for that special gal who is at least 21. and NOT NOT NOT FROM SOME OTHER COUNTRY. I am not moving from the USA so stop writing me from some other country. North America only please..

i am 26/f/pa... looking for a master

Lets talk tibby. Also Zukies. Most people from Africa are scammers. Just saying.

I not a scammer, sorry, although...I'm FROM there, yes

:) tibby

Yea, I can believe that, esp CERTAIN countries in Africa, I unfortunately...just LIVE there ;)

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capture the day


so have you gotten any replies? :)

I got a few replys but so far nothing seems too serious yet. I am still hopefull tho. : )

why do men who are over 41 years of age try for women years younger than them, there's something really wrong there

Not really as long as there 21 in my opinion its all good. After 21 its just a number...

I'm not talking about the legal age to have sex. I'm talking about the age gap. That is, 40ish people stick with 40 something people, 30 year olds stick with partners closer to 30, and 50 year olds stick to persons in their own age group.

Its not about age its about love, how mature someone is and other factors. Real love has no age boundry.

My belief is. For what it's worth. True Luv don't see Age, Color, Or Gender. I'm 45 years old & my husband is 62. He's older than any man I've ever been with & yet he's the best man I've ever been with. When I look into his eyes I don't see a 62 year old man. I see a man with a lot of LUV for me. I see my life long friend, my best friend. My Soulmate. My only regret is that I didn't meet him sooner. I also believe when ppl judge some1 for the color of their skin, their age, or their gender. ThoseĀ are the ones who go through life wondering why all their friends have partners & they don't.

So where is my gal at like this. I really want real deep love with a great gal. Just at least 18 plus cause that's a minimum oh north America too I don't go out of my country yet.

I believe younger people who go for much older people, and older people who go for people much younger than them have not been able to find partners in their own age group and range.

This is not the 30's-50's anymore. most people are open minded to such things. Age is not such an issue anymore. In my opinion as long as your say 21 or older your old enough. why 21? cause that's about the age where children really become an adult. Its just my opinion. Not trying to get you to agree. Love is good reguardless of age just as long as your no longer a child its all good. so that's why I want 21 and up. Thanks. : ) have a great day.

I dated a man for 4 years who was almost 20 years older than me. It just didn't matter. I think being close in ace is important until you are about 25. Then the age differences just don't matter any more.


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Looking for my best friend as a soulmate for life

I would love this so much...a long lasting partnership with my best friend, the man I love. I want this more then anything...I hope I can find a man that is the same.

You Just did.
I been looking for a deeply good natured kind woman for a bit now.
I want to remarry eventually.

Love your reply here. : )
Hope to have gotten you to smile today ;).

You have made me smile...and I am pleased to be friend you.

That is very good . : ) I am also pleased to Be friend you as well.
: )


:) hehe cuite.

are you guys hitting it off? or can I try with blue62dragon, please follow the link blue? if you're interested: http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Am-Single-And-Looking/2714766

No we were and are just friends. I am still wanting a great woman to love and be loved by.

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