One Day She Said I Will Be Happier

after a night of hanging out with all couples and me being the ninth wheel, even lower than usual. My best friend as we were going to go to bed told me "you know, one day you are going to be happier than all of us, these are not words of encouragement but rather words of jealousy". this more than anything had tears rolling down my cheeks because most times i am more sad than everyone else being a gay black man in this society. i have to keep reminding myself that i am on this earth for a bigger purpose, even if i am alone now.
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Gotta say, was not expecting the gay black man part. The twist was hilarious. BUT, just cus you're gay and black you gotta be alone? Dude, **** that shi t...Go find somebody, you got gay bars and sh it in your town dont ya?

i got gay bars, but for a black man, who grew up in the the whitest metropolis in the us and is attracted to white men, the chances are slim to none, since most gay couples tend to look like each other and for me i do not look for anyone who looks or actts like me