I Am Seriously Considering...

Becoming a cat lady.
Forget dating.
It's awful anyway.
Give me a cat, dog
wine & books.
Ok, a computer.
Good paper & a nice smooth flowing black ink pen.
Good, strong coffee...
And I am

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41-45, F
14 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Hahaha, you know what's even better than a cat to keep you company? A bird! Lol. I have a lovebird, and, well, I just love him to bits! My lovie absolutely adores people, especially me since I spend so much time with him.My family just got him just last Easter, never thought I'd like a bird as pet, but now my friends already tell me that I'm gonna be a crazy bird lady one day... And I'm only in high school! :) Who needs a partner when you can have a pet that will never leave your side and will love you unconditionally?

I know I may become a dog man. Waiting for the right lady I guess.

Check out Debbie the Pet Lady via Howard Stern. She's a mess. Stick with men and get one cat. I'm sticking with women and I have one cat. Cat's frickin' rock!!!

I have been out of a relationship in three years, and at first, I was searching for a new relationship. Now I have friends only, with no thought of that next big love of my life and I am temporarily happier than I have been in a long time. I want a love, but I know forcing it brings disappointment.

I would agree. Forcing it never works out well. I think that is the point where I tend to compromise too much, with a disasterous end. I'm trying to redefine what a relationship is. Working on rebuilding my life, the way I'd like it. :)

I thought I'm the only one whose having thought like this. Thanks for the simple motivation.
You are not alone.


I think that too....and now I know It's not just me. :))))
That makes me happy.


I can't take it. Lmao :))))

keep feet on earth

Sounds pretty nice ... but may I suggest one more thing: if you're going to be a cat lady, why not start collecting things with cats on them? You know, cat salt and pepper shakers, cat mugs, pictures of cats, cat calenders, etc. That way I'll know what to buy you on your birthday or Christmas.

I do collect fish stuff....sculptures, pictures etc. I do want fish tanks..:) oh, yeah. Cat stuff :))))

Bunnies are the way to go :D

Oh cute idea:)

Although it does sound sensible, personally I think 95% of the people who take on this approach would be miserable after a few weeks or months. Human interaction is irreplaceable for most.

Relationships = consistency = warmth = human interaction.

If you have any doubt about it, there is a good chance it won't work for ya ;) Good luck either way however.

Sounds very sensible

Sounds great.

Wow. You still know how to write with a pen, nice! Yup re:animal friends and coffee. Wine too, deep rich red with oaky tannins

Old school :) I love the feel of it. However, my handwriting is horrid. :)

Mine is like a form of encryption. When I want to keep something secret I write it down llloolll

That sounds pretty perfect to me!

Like heaven :)