It's Over.

My ex and I still talk all to time. In geometry he sits next to me and we still enjoy being around each other. But the other day I heard him talking flirty with another girl. It made me jealous and I wanted him back. Can anyone relate?
CaniJustDream CaniJustDream
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Ooooh yeah hun. Trust me even guys can relate to that. My ex left me for another man and I have nothing against him but when she smiles when she talks about him it just makes me wanna beat him >.< It will pass though. Its just unresolved feelings from when you were together

yes that is how i feel. I left my ex almost 2 yrs ago and we bearly started being able to talk to eachother and now we talk almost every day and I go to his apartment and make meals for him and now he has a new girl there and she doesnt know what to say cause I just make my self comfortable there and we just talk. I never been the jealous type excepted lately I have been really jealous and want him back I dont know what to do. Im drowning