Timeless Questions

Why are we humans so in-human? I mean animals kill/hurt just to fend off enemies or self defense. Why do we enjoy picking on lower pray? Why do we enjoy other people's sorrow? Why would we rather start a rumor about someone than actually listen and help? We're all in this together, why do we consider ourselves better than the next one ?

Maybe it's just an aimless rant, but it seems these thoughts and questions have been haunting me for several years, i thought in a few years they'll be gone and we'd be alright, but it seems it's getting worse and worse. There are countless people who thought of these questions before me? the only answer I found is, "that's just human nature", are we that mischievous ?
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

Actually, what humans do is very animal like. We have classic social characteristics of primates. Every predator looks for the weak or young. We even pick on the weak in our own speices just like most animals do. Ego is a large aspect in this answer. You're biologically predisposed to never feel satisfied with what you have. In nature you have to always try to be one step ahead because you often fall behind. If a lion could, he'd stock his freezer up and not have to starve if he misses a catch. Humans also hunted only for food, untill they learned how to store their food making life easier. That "we're all in this together" mentality goes against natural selection, and our instincitve fight to get ahead. Animals don't allow weaker ones to mate with their females because they're all in this together. Don't look at humans as so evolved, our society is riddled with examples of our primitive selves.

I think its because the human race is constantly getting bored, forever needing to be entertained. The media doesn't help our society one bit. Being able to affect other's feelings and thoughts is an exciting notion to some people, they get off on it. Just like being kind and helping people is exciting for other people. There's always going to be the balance of good and evil. I keep good people around me and try to keep away from the petty. Life is too short for useless drama and people who lack much wisdom.

If you are right, the comedian was right, It's all a effing joke. I don't consider it's just out of boredom, there must be an answer to this self-destructive action.