Only 3...

Once apon a time there was a girl she was not pretty nor ugly but her heart was pure not fully either she was always bullied and hated being at home one day this peasent leaft her kingdome and ran away With all her essentials she explored to a magestic forest and met a wolf he was a talking wolf with with a heart half pure like hers together they became friends but it always had to be secret... It upset this poor girl and she ran away into the cruel world leaving her broken heart behind. This lonley girl soon wandered farther in the dangerous forest fighting off dragons and bears soon to come across another wolf boy who loved to speak other launguages she gave him her heart but it was a secret because to him they were just friends who told eachother ALMOST everything ... She soon realized this and left again now only having one heart left she was scared to give it away so she built a house deeper in the woods where nobody lived keeping her last heart safe from evil creatures and her heart beacame pure and so did her beauty.She came out of the house one day and met someone .. He seemed familiar but she didn't know how to talk anymore so she couldn't ask all she did was clean and do chores and write stories in this magical forest,She came to that spot everyday and he did the same soon he taught her how to talk and Taughg her how to speak a different language like the one he loved to speak ... She never meant to love this boy but she did and there went her last heart she died that day and greeted death like an old friend .as this boy held her broken heart with an insidious grin.
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Thanks to an angel that saved her .

Her heart is once reborn and will stay forever and ever more :)