Do I Give This Another Chance?

So I recently went out on a date with this guy that I kinda like. A few years back we had a few classes together in college. He was cute and still retained a bit of an accent from India. He was smart, nice, and funny. He would also complement me on my looks on the days when I actually dressed up/did something nice with my hair. We weren't friends, but we would certainly chat for awhile in the computer lab or in the hallway.

Needless to say but I was excited to go out on a date with him when he asked me out. However when we went out, his demeanor was very different. He was ridiculously shy and nervous. I just couldn't pull him out of it. He seemed to answer everything in as little amount of words as possible. He also wanted to leave so many of the date decisions up to me. (Where do you want to eat?...Where do you want to sit?...) argh...I was so frustrated at the end of the date-but I didn't show it because I do like the guy (when he's acting like himself). I figure he wanted to make a good impression but I don't know what or how to tell him to knock it off. Or should I just wait it out and go on a few more terrible dates to see if it gets better?

I would so appreciate any ideas you people might have.
Thanks for listening...
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3 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Be gentle. And patient. He comes from a different culture where a man treats a woman he is serious about very respectfully. He is showing you consideration; appreciate it & return the respect.

Rushing this is where American women get their reputation for...a-hem...being slutty.

He is COURTING you, which I think is very sweet.

excellent, make sure and let us know how it goes :-)

From a guys point of view I'd say the guy really likes you and has probably tried to make you feel important by having you make the decisions...sadly what some may think is being thoughtful can be a little off putting for a woman by making her think that he isn't as strong as he may be!
Remember he asked you out, he made the transition of you being friends to potentially something more...I know that can take a lot of courage especially if the guy really likes the girl.
I'd give him the chance and go out with him again, say something like "you choose the place this time" and see how it goes as I'm sure he was possibly more nervous than you were and wishes he has a chance to take control on another date :-)