18 And Single.

It is pretty much my fault that I am single. In my mind I started my awkward phase in 5th grade and haven't yet reached the end. But in 8th grade a guy asked me to the big dance and I said no... I mean he had big eyes, and apparently I was really shallow in 8th grade. But he kept asking me for a week... he even sang to me and I still said no. Then freshman year we were in a computer class and he sat next to me and would help me even though I didn't need help and he'd put his arm around me and I was just not having any of it. He got cuter and I stayed shallow or maybe I was in denial. Then there was (using nicknames) Mr. K, and Mr. C and Mr. F and Mr. J and other Mr. J and Mr. A.... I was too shy and had a very low self esteem issue, so I failed each and every opportunity. Especially with the first Mr. J and Mr. C. But I am single and in college and I don't have a clue as to why I am single. I am funny, I am weird, I love having a great time and yet... I got me no man... oh well... one day it will happen... right?
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You don't have to be single. U just need to give a guy like me a chance :)