A Guy I Like....

Okay so I go to school now, and I'm 14 almost 15 and in 8th grade. There's this guy at my school who I'm starting to have a crush on. He is way taller than me, and super skinny. I'm Short like 5"2 and I weigh 222lbs so I'm kind of fat. Anyways I like him, and he keeps looking at me in class. He seems to be like a jerk, you know like always gets in trouble and is mean to some people. Anyways so far he's been really nice to me, and looking at me, he hasn't said anything mean to me. I'm like super shy around guys and when i talk to them I either just like joke a lot or say something rude, but mostly try to get them to laugh. He's really funny too. Anyways since he seems like a jerk I'm afraid he would never want to go out with me or admit he likes me due to me being fatter. Do any of you have any advice about it, does it sound like he likes me? What should I do. Thanks.
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

maybe you should start talking to him some more and if he responds to that you could figure out what his past girlfriends were if he had any and if so maybe they weren't your typical skinny girl. If you get to be friends with him you get the chance to see what kind of girls he likes & if he's the kind that doesn't care about weight & actually likes that sort of thing I'd say you're in luck.

I actually know a guy, he's real thin and he likes bigger girls. And I saw lots of guys at my high school date girls that were bigger.

Sorry if this aint much help, I just know that when you get to know someone or even get the chance to be friends its easier to tell if he likes you back & if you should give it a shot.

Thanks(: it's great advice, but I'm super shy, so I wouldn't know how to talk to him, but we keep like looking at each other and today he waved at me in P.E. (: