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Yes I'm Single

I have always been single so no I have never had a boyfriend. And over the years it has been put in my mind that it's something that we need or have to do in our lives to go find a man. I always felt like an outsider when it came to others talking about crushes, dating, and relationships. Then one day I just told myself forget other people, most don't even know what they're talking about & some wouldn't know about love & all that comes with it if it bit them on the behind. Once I started to listen to what I truly had to say about the matter, I realized being single isn't the end of the world & really shouldn't be a cause to be so lonely or downright depressed because I don't have a boyfriend.

The way I see it being in a relationship with someone you love should be seen as a bonus in life something you should consider yourself lucky to even have. And if it never happens, is it really that bad? No because I have a good life, I'm happy, I have my friends and family that love me, so there's no reason to be hating when there's no man by my side. When I do get the luck to be in a relationship it'll be sweet. (Yes I know there will be hard times and what not, but that's what life is about & I accept it.)
babydoll73 babydoll73 22-25, F 5 Responses Dec 7, 2012

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Wish I was about 130 years younger. You sound like you would rock and there are a lot of positive points that show through that somebody better be damn appreciative of if they get the chance.

Aw why thank you :)

I admire your strength and courage in this.

Thats the way to do it. They say the best way to find a decent relationship is to wait until your ok with being single.

There are men like myself just waiting for a sweet single woman. Your moment will happen.

AGREE u got this