Alone All The Time

i am single and i hate it. my best friend has a huge crush on me but i dont feel the same way about him and it hurts me to see how much he really loves me. i dont want to brake his heart but i cant brake mine either. i hate being alone, with no one to share my personal feelings with and thats saying something because i dont usually share personal things with other people but ive finally broken. my stories, my beliefs in life and death. no one understands me. i want to share my feelings with someone else. and yet theres a part inside me that wants to be free from everything. i want a relationship but honestly, i dont think i'd be dedicated as to how im always around boys. im not a ****, hell no. im a tomboy and talking to other girls isnt the same with boys. because with boys its always about having fun, watching scary movies and daring each other ridiculous stuff and getting in trouble. but all im saying is that, i hate being single and yet love it at the same time.
WolfPrincess123 WolfPrincess123
13-15, F
Dec 9, 2012