Two Pieces Apart Make A Whole Together

I never really had a boyfriend through junior high or high school. I wasn't comfortable with the opposite sex for a long time. I had guy friends, yes, great male friends! But nothing about them was romantic. I had crushes just like anyone else but never the nerve or confidence to pursue them. I was okay with it though, I was still happy. My friends, both guys and girls, were enough.

My freshman year of high school changed the game.

I was at a sporting event when I saw someone on the opposite team I thought was cute. Was I going to talk to him? Absolutely not. But he had other plans. He got my cell phone number from one of my teammates and started texting me. And we continued talking for what was probably a couple of weeks and planned to meet up and talk for the first time in person at the next event both our teams competed in. I was nervous as ever, and excited, but scared more than anything. I was so intimidated by his looks, his friends and all the girls always swamped around him. So when we got to the event that day I chickened out, told him I wasn't interested and stopped talking to him. And he blew up. He told me Im immature and he didn't really likd me that much anyway...etc. It was sucky to hear those things but I was so relieved that I didn't have to be scared about JUST MEETING him.

Then, I texted him and apoligized. I explained to him that I've never really spent any time with someone I have romantic interest in. To my surprise he understood, and we made plans for our first "date". It was a music concert at my highschool. He told me as we're sitting together that he wore everything lucky he could think of, because he wanted everything to go well with me. He smiled so much at me. He held my hand and talked to me. I liked him, I liked him a lot.

So, we continued texting all the time. Talking on the phone a little bit. Flirting like crazy and just being giddy. He came over to my house and met my parents. He hung around through stupid movies and laughed with me and my mom. I got the worst butterflies right before he kissed me. And I got them every time. He was the first guy I was into enough to bring around my house, tell my friends about, change my relationship status for. I went to his house and met his parents and sisters. I sat in his lap while he played video games. He had my iPod for a while to listen to songs that remind me of him. And sparing the details...he was the first guy I let get close to me, in alotta ways.

But that came to a screeching hault. I had people telling me he was with some other girl, girls. There was always a background story it seemed like... never any reassurance. It was like them telling me he didn't really like me. All the time! something different every week. A new name, a different story from him. When I asked him he admitted and I was hurt.

....and I have to stop this blog here. Before I cry.
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hmm i know how its feel it broke u apart u need a new light to follow so that your life dould come out of darkness and brighted again with out him

Im sorry :( There are lots of people like that. Ive had people do that to me too, so its not just guys that do that. Just try and hang in there, I know how you feel. If you need to talk Im here.

well ... this might have been said already millions and millions of times in history, but you will have to bite the bullet and accept the situation like it is and try to forget him as fast as you can (which is easy to say and hard to do, i know that).
thing is, there are a lot of ******** out there, male and female aswell, and the don't give a **** about your feelings, they just want to have their fun with you.
no one can promise you, that this won't happen again and there's a great chance it will, but keep on looking, love will find a way to you :)

Kind of difficult to comment here really. The way you write shows your character and your character will bring out the best in a relationship. Just wait till your'e older and associate with people who respect these things.

You painted an endearing picture and I sympathize with you.
I can do little else but wish you the best :)

i can understand you