Oh Yey!! They Are At It Again

i live in a house with my best friend and his gf well it was me and him but she moved in with in the 2 month of us living there so yerp it changed from **** on the tv to what he did to random stuff showing up and its the whispering when iam sat down with them and its like just ******* say what ever it is dont be rude and whisper then its you drink to much or you dont do anything on your days off or what ever i do i should do it her way or make myself better some how and now even he has started its like ffs let me do my own thing they moan if i stay in all the time they moan if iam out they moan if i drink if i do drugs if i stay in my room all day if i dont do the washing ( witch is not mine) then when i am going to bed i have to hear them **** yer its funny the 1st few times but after its like shut the **** up yet if i get out of bed to put a dvd on its a txt saying can you keep it down then if we are all getting on for once and it does happen and it is nice they do the whole cuddling up on the sofa watching some **** she wants on as i have to hear them giggle and be all loved up and at the end of the day i just wanna live alone now dont think i can live with any one that is not a gf
sorry big moan and maybe not the right group but oh well
coments welcome and such thanks
NiceGuy1990 NiceGuy1990
22-25, M
Jan 6, 2013