Well Let's start out agreeing that honesty is the best policy.

So with that being said I am single. But It goes so much more than just single. My title should be "Alone"
Because even when you are single you are still usually surrounded by loved ones whether it be by friends or family.
Not saying I don't have family because I do. I'm just saying I'm very alone. I lead a very simple life, no drama, no worries. And with that comes great sadness paired with loneliness.
I'm alone nearly twenty four hours a day seven days a week.
Being a girl who has always been in a relationship at all times in her life this is new to me, new unfamiliar and growing older each day that passes.
I can't seem to find anyone who relatively wants me. Sure I have friends who I text but due to my "once were" living arrangements all of those people are across the country.
I start to believe that I'm undesirable or unfriendly but I'm not. I'm warm, inviting, bubbly very open minded and accepting of most things and people. I just would like to find someone who I can spend forever with. Who can hold me on his lap his arms around me just happy to have me. I want someone who will look into my big green eyes and I can tell I belong, I'm taken , I'm theirs....
I want to be somebodys everything. I've always been the one in every relationship that done the most , that fell so hard, who loved with all she had and... getting less than substantial in return. I'm growing tired of this trend. I want someone who wants me even more badly then I want them.
I want pure, blind, blissful love.

Is this impossible?
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keep yourself busy in work /earn /get a job

i believe that way u have good chances to find some1 who will love you .

**** no, Pm me and maybe we can get to know eachother better. You sound so normal, and you do not claim to be perfect, which is rare and in my eyes perfect enough. Although i would like to get to know you before anything serious. IF things dont work out between you and me, atleast you will always always always have a loyal friend.

It is possible, and it does happen to those that wait I assure you. It happen to me and was not planned but I knew immediately seeing her and it took 3 years for her to know.. Our time wasn't long after that as she passed from an accident less than 2 years after that just a few weeks before the planned wedding... She wanted to wait till she was married for her first time and when we met she thought I was just another sailor looking for a score. We slept together many times and a friend that has known me a long time over drinks talking about our pasts and things we might change. Asked this question to me "Are you sorry that you and her never made love before she died" My answer "every time I held her, either by holding her hand, her napping on my lap, sleeping together and respecting her personal wishes I showed and made love to her". There was never or is a regret during my time with her and even though it was cut way to short each moment and the time was a gift. Hang in there it is very possible and does come. hugs

So well written, and no it is not impossible. The journey is half the adventure.

I feel ya green eyes, I just can't touch you. But isn't that basically what we all want. It is a waste of love and energy when you give it to someone that neither wants it nor deserve it. It's sad that so many of us that would welcome the **** with open arms can't buy it, and here's those ******** that get more than they deserve because they think the grass is greener somewhere else. Who couldn't love a lady that dyes her eyes to match her hair. I think your lovely, also I hope you find a man that deserves and embraces your love, and it's not asking to much to get a little back, is it? I kinda thought about your dilemma and it seems like I see a lot if that crap. People busting their *** for someone that's just waiting for an opportunity to trade up. I was in a thing kind of like that, I knew she didn't love me and was using me. But what the hell, I let her move in & hang out untill her something better came along. It got a little comical after a year went by. I lost all respect for her. I couldn't stand being in the same room, no that's not altogether accurate, I couldn't stand being on the same planet. The thought of touching her turned into discuss. The only thing she could score was one fighters because her ex was well liked and he let everybody in town know she's a using opportunistic piece of, how you say, umm, oh yes, ****! It became a bigger mess when it occurred to her I was the best she was getting in this town. She started saying stupid things like I love you baby. If I hadn't known her and believed her when she said that, I could have gotten real hurt. Maybe I wouldn't have lost respect for her if she would have been honest. But she was mooching off me for about a year before I had to call her dad to come move her out. So I guess I have to admit I used her for sex as I knew there was no possibility of a real relationship. In the end though she got more than I did. I don't know how much ***** houses cost for a visit, but I know this, she won't lie to me except she might say "oh its so big".
Idk. Once again just the rantings of a mad man. I'll probably get a load of hate mail, so to be more sensitive to my fellow man, and show the world us small town peeps are aware of the politically correct rule and will amend myself to a disturbed man. Although I don't see how it can offend an entire species can be offended because one guy called himself something considered derogatory. You can candy coat a stink weed by calling it a rose, the fact is, its still just a stinkweed. I could go on for a long time, you people probably have life to go to, so I'll let you go. Thank you for sharing your time with me.


Wud u like to date me I am serious I feel same as u wats ur mobile or email address wel chat?

Hopefully you find what you are searching for :) I know the feeling about feeling alone amongst a sea of people. It will pass though - just believe in yourself :)

I wrote a bit about love today. I guess it might help give you a better perspective.


Just wait a little bit...you'll find someone whose really perfect for you. And that will make the wait worthwhile. Good luck!!

You're pretty

Yeah its impossible.
Honestly, men want to touch your **** and get in your pants. The rest is just the road to get there.

There are times when, we will feel lonely and minding to be with someone that truely understand oneself at that moment in time,finding someone that truely care takes time but you will have to wait patiently because it won't be good to settle with a crook man or friends.

There are times when, we will feel lonely and minding to be with someone that truely understand oneself at that moment in time,finding someone that truely care takes time but you will have to wait patiently because it won't be good to settle with a crook man or friends.

that's a great definition of being single

Thank you. It's true though lol.

ya i know i have experienced it

I'm sorry to hear your alone...I too was alone. I still don't have many friends but I have an Awesome Family. I hope everything goes well for you.

Thank you for the encouragement.

You seem like you have a good heart and any guy would be lucky to be with you. IIf you want to chat hmu.

Nothing wrong with alone time until you decide you've had enough. Go experience what life has to offer - you'll find that person down the road to share life with! Plus, you are cute as a button :P

Haha cute as a button. Thanks(:


Aloness is to weired .when u don't have tht person who really care abt ur emotions nd luv.its to hard to get that person in lfe .....sharing ur small things to her nd she has tme to listen you ..you think abt her most of the tme....bt these things r true in novel nd stories only

You are a very beautiful woman and I'm sure you will find that true love someday!

maybe add me......you IM? add me agc8515@yahoo.com

Know how you feel but it will happen when the time is right.

Surely not impossible, though I would think your own expectations might change and evolve as they "come and go", as mentioned by Slogann before. I will also agree a bit on the bar being set high as said by Kornflake.

There is absolutely no need to feel undesirable, everyone meets someone (or many over time) that find your major aspects desirable. The model you describe seems a bit "pure love" and "full love", but we understand people in (their and our) layers across a very long time.

For now, the best way is to move out and meet people (in real), friends of friends, your and their families, visit places, even if just chilling out and expanding a bit from bordering acquaintances. (I don't count EP as that, in fact, less of EP can do some people some good, take and give support online but find solutions offline). Meet people and chat for the joy of chatting and chilling out, with or without an eye on looking for a prince. For one, it will be a good way to beat the heat of loneliness and it will lead to steps that some day will land you in your prince's arms.

Of course, if my profile is anything to go by, I might after all be the wrong guy to ask on relationships. :-) :-)

Oh my god:( this is so sad:(. No ones undesirable. It's good you have it drama free, but unfortunately with a friend circle, drama happens one way or another:(. Hey I'm new here, but if you ever need someone to just vent to, you know what to do:)
Hope it gets better!

Of course pure, blind, blissful love is always possible, but to seek true love and happiness is best. Like you I have not been alone for some time, and thus questioned my own qualities. However, thinking critically only causes us to give ourselves to the wrong person out of feelings of despiration or hardening our hearts.

The best advice I can offer is to accept being by yourself as a chance to grow and learn more about what you really are seeking in your heart.

I wish you well!

I liked that advice on thinking critical.


What you're asking for is quite possible. In the meantime, enjoy your alone time. Use that time as a means of introspection and evaluation. Yeah, you're lonely right now simply because you've always had someone in your life. All too often, there are young women who just want and must have a special someone in their lives at all times, regardless of the costs. If you learn how to just enjoy your life now, alone, with no special someone, your chances of becoming codependent on a toxic someone else will decrease.

I've read over your profile and from what I see your very desirable. Just keep looking and you will find someone. I'm looking myself and I'm sure it will end up happening.

Maybe you should enjoy some of that alone time, not all alone time is bad.

you have to kiss alot of frogs to meet your prince... ol cliche but true! Give it some time and go places, finding a common interest usually starts a really good relationship.

Haha, I liked the prince analogy.

Yippy kie yay ...I said that instead of hitting on you

I love your honesty. I relate to some of what you are saying. I would enjoy being friends.

I think I can relate to what you are saying.. But be patient.. I think I would rather be single and happy than be with someone and be totally miserable. I too dream of what you dream of.. to have someone love you more than you love them. I totally understand that.. But I have noticed in a lot of my relationships that I become codependent when I am in love. Maybe that is the lesson I must yet learn - to love someone but keep some for myself. Maybe that is still the love story I must make real first - to love myself with a love that's true. Then when I am good and ready, maybe prince charming will come along. Just my two cents. Nevertheless, I wish you happiness! Don't despair. Be happy :)

How long have you been single? A lot of people need to find that bond that completes them. Some people look for so long that they give up entirely. But, let's be realistic here... You are at that age where there are many insecurities. Relationships will come and go. Your dashing prince will appear I'm sure.

I'm sure I don't want a dashing prince. Haha I just want someone who fits me if you look at my profile you could more clearly see what that is. But I do understand that they will come and go, for they have. And I think the better response would be I've been "alone" for quite sometime now.

Firstly, you're too young to think that you're undesireble... besides, I do think you're quite attractive looking.

I know how loneliness feels... I moved mountains and earth trying to keep a loveless marriage to no avail... which sometimes makes me wonder if it's better to be alone or with someone who doesn't even remember your b'day.

I'm quite the old soul. My age has nothing  to with me. It doesn't define me but I could understand where you are coming from, just from a first look standpoint. And I'm very sorry that happened to you . I don't think it's ever been quite that bad for me. But then again I don't believe in the institution that is marriage. All I can hope is that you hot out in time to save yourself some permanent scarring.

nothings impossible even the word itself spells 'im possible'
i have my prince charming...even tho its early days he still is the man i want. there is people out there u just have to find em. i went through a lot to get my man...im so happy i did, he brightens up my life.

:D ahh that's so awesome haha. I'm happy for you.

thanks :)

Its not impossible .. But very hard to find .. And those that love with pure heart are often left heartbroken

But you seem so lovely... How can you be so lonely ?

That's what I can't figure out.
Tis most frustrating

You're right. I'm sure you are so attractive you'll be tight in loved arms very soon...