To A Girl (should I Give The Poem To Her?)

Should I give the poem to the girl that it's non-fictionally written about?

To A Girl

Without control
My mind cycles back again
To her smile, her eyes as they look,
Away, always, away.

Her glance, her laugh is enough
To make me drunk with energy.
Alive. Breathless. Heart Pounding.
Deliriously Idyllic—like flying a kite for the first time.

Barely thinking
Barely breathing
Hands near a-trembling
She paralyzes me.

Does she know?
She must.
I asked her.
She must.

But if she did, would anything

Her mysterious heart pounds
For another?
Does it not see me?
Does it see me as just…another.

Across all the oceans of time
And all the eons of lives,
What if
She was meant for me, and me for she.

But life doesn’t happen—like that.
Does it?
Can it?
No? Yes? I don’t know. Maybe.

Her enigmatic gaze gives me no clues.
I’m powerless.

And if by a chance granted to me
by her,
She let me peer into her world,
Would I see my impressions dashed?
My world rocked and shattered?

Should I guard myself and run away?
Should I never look behind Oz’s curtain?
Or should I dare to dream the impossible?
No? Yes? I don’t know. Maybe.

I’m a fly stuck in her invisible web, so why won’t she kiss me and end it?
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5 Responses Jan 7, 2013

lilwolf: If you're 13-15 and a girl, it's automatically known you like love letters, :P. By the time a girl (who is 28 btw) gets older, they somehow get more jaded, careful, cautious, and they way-way-way over-think things, haha. I've known the girl all her life, and I already asked her out...but maybe she doesn't strongly I feel.

I've decided not to give it to her. I don't think it's worth the risk of A) an awkward moment B) killing the friendship C) possibility of her distancing herself far far away from me. She has a boyfriend at the moment, so I think any advances would be...ill advised in all probability. :). Thanks for the advice. Hope you guys enjoyed the poem =D. If you have any girls in central FL looking for a guy...hook me up :P.

I think you should give it to her, take it from a girl I'd love it if a guy gave this to me. You only live life once, so take a risk, you never know she might jst like you but be playing hard to get

The question isn't whether or not to show her the poem, but rather how she would react to the letter. What purpose is the letter and what reprecussions are you willing to live with? What sort of person is she and how close are you two? It is a very romantic gesture, but are you telling her to get it off your chest or to date her? In the end you know eachother best so you decide.

Maybe. I asked this girl out and discovered to my great surprise that she was dating a guy that I knew way back in HS. He's an unmotivated dolt... Anyhow, she said 'can't we just be friends.' But I don't think she realizes how much I've fallen for her, so I don't know what to do. She's still dating the dolt, lol.

maybe you should.. :) this was so sweet... it is rare these days that someone would write something like this :) whatever her reception maybe... at least you've given it to her... don't be afraid :)