I've Always Been Single.

l'm feeling confused about it b/c l feel really ready to have a girl friend, but at the same time l feel like l should be glad that l'm still single. l have the feeling like once l do fall in love and get married and all that...l won't be single ever again. l'm not naive...l realize things like divorce or break-ups occur. l want more than anything to just be friends with a girl, nothing more, and if it develops, well...

l just want to say that l'm a virgin, and l hope to remain such until l am married. This has allowed me to feel a certain kind of love for that special lady, dispite the fact we've never met. She is in my thoughts and prayers often. lt is not a popular practice to be a virgin bride/groom, and l'm lucky to have come this far. l'm very concerned, however, about the temptation that will come before my wedding day, and the strength of my resolve on this issue. l'm basically asking for any advice from someone out there. l don't even care what side of the debate you're on.

vivaman vivaman
26-30, M
May 23, 2007