Is This A Way To Treat Someone?

There are some things in life I don't think I will ever understand. The guy from my previous couple of stories is still trying to go out with me. He majorly screwed up on New years and I really don't trust him anymore after the things he said to me. But get this, the story gets more messed up. I go to school with him, so I see him all the time. I have had a lot of good things happen in the last week, and when he sees me he asks about them. That's nice, being interested in what is going on, but the catch is this: once I tell him how happy I am and how excited I am about life and my future, he basically turns it around into a "I told you so" match and just brings me down. In a mocking, condescending tone asks if I do anything other than study and school. How is this supposed to entice me to date him? On a daily basis he is just ******* me off more and more to the point where I don't want to see him because I know he is just going to talk to me like I am a child. I fully admit I am a sensitive person; school is very very important to me and it really bothers me when people mock that. I have told him multiple times that this is my dream. I have spent all of my dating life giving things up for the person I date, I promised myself that that isn't going to be how I work from now on. And I figure if a guy really likes me, he will understand that school is of paramount importance. Clearly we are not right for each other, I had said this to him -- but he doesn't seem to think that is the case, he instead thinks that I need to lighten up. yeah...that is a great way to start a dating relationship -- tell me what is wrong with me. thanks.
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No matter how much we can be attracted to someone, or vice versa, I guess if they can't or won't support your dreams, ambitions, what makes you happy or what's best for you, they really don't support YOU, and it's not meant to work out with that person.
There will be someone who would meet all the right criteria, though.
There has to be :)

Thank you :) I hope you are right!