I HATE being singel im not made for it i want to be with sumone but every time i meet sumone i end up doing sumtin crazy when im drunk or sumbody will say sumtin about me nd theyl think they will get shot or sumtin if ther wit me i just want to have sumone to share life with xxxxxxx
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18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Hey, don't listen to forachange. There is someone for everyone. One day you will meet that girl who's into the same things you're into and it'll be a match made in heaven. Sounds like you just need to steer clear of the prissy ones!

oooh bit confused why would you think that they would get "shot" for being around you???...try leaving the alcohol and the guns at home and maybe you will meet some normal people....??

U ************ what do u tink i chose to be lik that is it i randomly wanted to get into the whole thing when i was 12 hiw ****** slow are u lik

Who made you get drunk to begin with? As an adult you now have the choice to follow a different path.

thats sad. everyone should have someone