...and I Hate It

I know I'm only 21 and most of you will tell me not to bother myself about not having a boyfriend, and I don't too much, but on occasion it tends to get me down. It probably doesn't help that I'm the only one of the girls I know that's never been with anyone.(couldn't even attract silly high school boyfriends)

Its not even that I need a full on relationship as such I'd be quite happy just seeing someone, to know someone cares a bit.

Someone to spend time with, talk to and laugh with. A guy i can go on the occasional date with and share a cheeky flirt. I'd just love to feel as if I'm special to someone. Someone I can spoil and make happy.

I can't really explain what it is I want or why exactly.. I'm just a tad lonely so maybe I'm just trying to fill a friend shaped hole with a boyfriend..

Or maybe seeking validation in the form of a guy..

P.S. I'm not always this soppy, but if I can't embarrass myself on EP then where can I?!
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

you are ok dear i run on lonely most of the time and would love too have a g/f and you are not being soppy just lonely too

Everyone gets like that once in a while. You will find one sooner or later. So you don't have to worry about it.
and well I'm 22 and well I also have it like you now and then. But only one way and that is to try :)