Single Isn't That Bad :)

Hi! By joining this group I guess I must be single. :D and yes I am..single since birth. (by choice) Some people think I'm picky. . .well, not really :D maybe it's just because seeing other peoples' experiences makes me scared of taking the risk. Hehe. It isn't that bad though. Now I'm still in highschool. I still like hanging out with friends. If I get married I won't have that much chance to hang out I guess. :D and don't take me wrong, I do have had crushes on guys. :P but I'm afraid of having any relationships now cuz when I fall, I fall hard. So.. I'm just keeping myself busy with studies and having fun with friends. I know that it does feel lonely seeing other couples which are sometimes your close friends. And you end up sitting alone watching them. :( sad eh? But..never mind, you've probably heard of the saying that says God will prepare the right one for you. It's true! As long as you don't go searching for one yourself instead of letting God search. Hehe. Different opinions. It doesn't seem that I'm interested in any guys at school here. We're more like friends. I'm going to college pretty soon so maybe I'll have one in college. Haha. Who knows? So what I'm saying is that you can just do tons of things when you're single too. I love playing musical instruments, singing, listening to music, chatting, and making new friends. At least it's better than doing nothing. Just enjoy and have fun. Be yourself and you might catch someone staring at you! :D Someone who can see the happiness and fun in you and accepts you as who you are. Just wait for the right time. :D I'll wait too. :P
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4 Responses Jan 13, 2013

love it :)

Hey miss. I like you. -Thumbs up- -big bleepin thumbs up-

I completely agree... BTW, you have an interesting username.

Agree with screenname.

thats a good thing to wait for the right one !!!