Enjoying Someone Else's Happiness...

Are we not all in some way shape or form subjected to that? Maybe subjected isn't the correct word but I hope you all understand what I mean. When one is without a significant other they more often than usual just end up being happy for other people who they see walking, holding hands, cuddling, the whole 9 yards, I could believe that sometimes that turns into jealousy. It sometimes is disappointing enough seeing all that interaction between people who care about each other enough to display it in other ways.

That is how I feel about the idea. If you're not happy, due to no having someone, you might as well enjoy someone else's happiness until you get another chance of your own to enjoy it with someone else. It is a sad idea and I know that. I have been single for about 2 years and some. Some people might be longer than that, or may have never had someone at all, so I am sorry if that is the case for you, but this is me. It feels like it sure has been awhile. Not the most fun either. Last relations I had with a girl was long ago, where we were friends and just had some fun here and there, due to being both equally fond of one another. That happened twice, with two lovely girls, Amanda and Bridget. I miss that stuff, or just having that outlet to have that kind of fun at the right times with that special someone. Other than that my prom date and I kissed and kissed a bit more, but sadly nothing ever amounted out of that to any result higher than friends and that I must say was excruciating inside.

Having a girlfriend would be fun, having someone special to really connect with would be fun again. That person one could talk to all day and have those nice phone conversations. The little things that don't really show up too often anymore. I miss it all. I hate being single for so long.
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Jan 14, 2013