Tax Time

I am single as of june 12,2012 and I forgot to change my w-4(or is it w-2? this is why I'm nervous!) from married to single. **** me
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You wrote "**** Me". Don't worry the IRS will take care of that.

ooo i shouldn't use the "f" word. it seemed appropriate on the day i wrote this. it actually worked out much better than expected. i usually try not to worry about things like this too much until it's all said and done. great example to not freak out until you have all the info

Trying to solve this problem as soon as possible before the taxation's vultures come prowling around you ..

I actually worried about nothing . It turns out I'm getting a refund this year. But I changed things for next year. Not so bad !! I wished I hadn't used the f word in this. I'm really truly blessed. I was freaking out at the time.

This is how Providence rewards good people .. Surely you have friends up there ...

And they don't mind my occasional potty mouth slip ups

lol ... we all have our own guilty little sin ...

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