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I have been divorced for 6 years now. I have had one minor relationship since then, otherwise I have been single the whole time. It is my choice, I just have not found anyone who has made me want to get involved in a relationship. I am picky. Since I share custody with my children, when they are with me half the week, I like giving them my time.

A few things I would like to share...

1.I m proud that I support myself and my children.
2. I own my house,my car, which I pay all on my own
3. I have a great job and make a great salary.
4. I don't have to share my king size bed (unless the kids crawl in with me)
5. I own a dog.
6. When my children are with their dad, I can go wherever I want and with whomever I want.
7. You don't know true unhappiness until you find yourself in a bad marriage.
8. I deserve to be with someone who will love me for me, and won't settle for anything less. I am who I am, and I am not going to change.
9. You can only truely depend on yourself (and your parents)
10. Although it can get lonely, I prefer to be by myself than with just anyone.
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I have been single for 8 years now and now I'm in the same boat as you, as far as I'd rather be by myself then to be with anybody. One of the reasons, In 2008 I stopped dating because of that, dated a little never in a relationship, and dating just didn't seem to work out. again I started dating about a year ago and it seems like the same ole thing, so now I'm done until God Brings me her in my life, it is not easy to find someone, because of a few reasons, people have a lot of hidden agendas and motivations and the other half say they want a relationship but when it comes time for them to live by their word, most make excuses why they don't, I cant exclude the one's that do and feel only 15% is really true to their word and really want to be serious. Maybe it is because they realize I'm really serious and LTR minded, when I want more then just a friendship, a fling, or fwb's, they freeze up, then I realize some of the intentions are sex, money, tryng to come up in life when they are down, or could be just not interested, the honest that tell the truth, one's is the only one's I can respect when they say they found someone else. the hard thing is in the past I have not had this much trouble finding someone, Ibut then my expectations were not as high I guess, not to say they were bad women, but not for me, and I knew it in a matter of weeks knowing them and now presently, it is different and I have a different way of thinking, morals and expectations, which contributes to me still being single, I could of had some women that I have dated in my life, but I refuse to settle and would rather be alone.

I'm not perfect but I do have potential. I have prayed on this and decided to leave that up to God and faith that he will bring me my love of my life. I'm like you, Im attractive, I have my life together, have a business, home, car, travel etc..and I'm in the process of getting my BA degree which my career will change soon. Yes I have those lonely moments espcially the those special times of year like birthdays, holidays and going to activities by myself. I even went on vaction for three weeks by myself last year and felt that void with nobody to share it with, which contributed to me going back to dating.

I can truly say that reading your post is a Blessing, "Thank You" that I really needed now in my life right about now, and helps me get a clearer understanding and your words gives me hope on knowing that there is someone else that feels like i do right now, and I'm sure there is more, that someone else (you) that is in the same boat and has the same ideals as me.

My advice is call me, I have all the answeres, yea right!! Just kidding, my advice would be keep doing what your doing, because you sound like your a level headed Woman and you deserve more then being in a second rate relationship you deserve the best and someone will come along and surprise you when you least expect it and sweep you off your feet, and how I know that is? beacuse I'm the same way and boat as you are. Good Man without a good woman in my life.

Thank you for posting, you have done a great deal of good for a whole lot of people including myself.

You have a great week, :) and thank you in advanced for reading my response to you.

Much Blessings to you, from me.

Cheers to you!