Going On 2 Years

Its been forever since ive been in a relationship, close to 2 years. Ive had a date or two between here and there but they never lead to much. It honestly feels strange and hard to be alone this long because before this i was in two long term relationships that lasted roughly 3 years each. Also doest help that im not much of an outgoing guy. I believe im reasonably attractive but not to the degree where people are willing to come up to me. Im in college and still cant seem to grab anyone interest because I keep to myself. I dont drink, smoke, or party so i dont quiet have many attractive qualities on the college level.lol. I do wish i could at least find a female friend whom I could talk to regularly and who would be there to say hey and ask how my day was. Nearly any girl ive talked to ever doesnt text or call unless they recieve the first one. I dont mind initiating conversation, its just nice to know someone thought enough of you first from time to time.
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1 Response Jan 26, 2013

You are so young! Don't be so down on yourself. Sometimes we have to make things happen so that they actually happen. Do you know what I mean? I would not have a job, my condo or any dating experiences if I just sat by myself all day long and wonder, "what if?" Join a singles group, find something that you feel would be an interesting hobby. You need to get out there and mingle, even if you are shy. I know many people who are not exactly outgoing, but they make themselves be more available to meeting new people. How about going to a local coffee shop with a book or your laptop? IF you see someone attractive, make some eye contact and smile. They will come running. :-)