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He May Have Ended It But I'M Makin Him Stay Gone

So here is a little insight to what I mean by I'm making him stay gone... I was giving me ex money because I know he's outa work and even if its him I don't want to see anyone struggle if I can help them out a little bit..well with that being said I no longer gave him the money and for some reason I asked if he was sleeping with someone else and naturally he didn't answer so that meant he was but I'm paying for all your stuff? I asked myself this even though I knew the answer already. Heck he was havin his cake and eating it too. So anyhow, it was crazy cause at that very moment I explained I needed time and I was deleting anyway possible to contact him and I wanted him to do the same... Well 4 days later he sends me a friendly txt and said he was just wondering what I was up to(translation...I'm broke and need cash ill just txt the ex) I told him I'm doin just fine as a matter of fact great and blocked him from ever bein able to txt me again or call at least from any of his numbers... I didn't want to talk to him ever not for a lack of trying on his behalf but now he can't even if he really really wants to lol lol I guess he should have thought his decision thru a little better before he told
Squeekarose Squeekarose 31-35, F 1 Response Jan 26, 2013

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almost nothing hurts like being used , I read a lot of your stories and comments , why would anyone NOT want to be with you , SMH