For Most Of My Life

I have been single almost all my life, it's the way I'm use to being whether its correct or not. Kind of tired of it though, I've been lonely to long yet not willing to settle for anything less then the right one. Somedays I think otherwise but know that would just lead to more misery in the long run.
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1 Response Jan 29, 2013

Yes, people are always telling me to lower my standards. I ask them if the acceptable IQ should be lowered from 90 to a chimpanzee, someone who has three children from three different fathers to any ***** on the street corner, someone who verbally abuses me but still shows signs that they have a heart to any psycopath will do, or someone who is recognizable as a human to anything from Dr moreau's island. Sorry, my standards are as low as possible in my mind and, if anything, should be raised quite a bit.