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If I Had A Dollar......

for everytime someone says "I can't believe you're single" I would be rich!!!!!!
Mahal1023 Mahal1023 46-50, F 7 Responses Feb 2, 2013

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Start charging them each time they say it and you will be rich.

If only....😉😉 lol

I'd be rich too. lol

You're in good company :)

Why thank you and so are you. :)

No one, and I mean no one, ever says that to me. So, instead of having a dollar, I'd owe people money...

Head for the hills sounds good to me. Can you meet me there tonight? I'll give you my dollar then.
If this new income stream works out, let me know . . .

lol!!! Sweetie, its not your dollar I want. wink!!!! lmao

Name it, it's yours.

:) I love friends who spoil me!!!

I can't believe there are folks out there silly enough, not to grab you right up and stop this single-ness!! You are a total catch!! ♥

She is a total catch and quite easy on the eye. There. Now sue me.

Sierra, you're a sweetheart. Hugs, hugs, hugs!!!

CWS......I just want to hug you too!!!!!! hugs, hugs. hugs!!!

I can't believe you're single!


Sorry - couldn't help myself!

Its ok. You made me laugh. Thats always good. BTW, thats a really pretty bra. :)

It looks better in person, with the matching panties!

I'm sure it does. :)

But, and this is the important part, that view doesn't get shown off!

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I can relate to that from when I was single. I think they were using it as a pick-up line though.

Mahal and I have corresponded quite a bit. It is surprising that some guy hasn't been swept off his feet by her and vice versa. I'm not interested in "picking her up" but do consider her a good EP friend.

Wasn't meaning it is always that way. I just remember guys telling me that when I was single, right before they made their move. That is all.

*makes notation in black book* Thanks!

Affinity, I will just give you a dollar. Will that work ? ( smiles)

How very sweet nudistguy :-)

CWS.... I adore you. The only reason why you're only an " EP friend" at the moment is distance. I would love to call you as one of my "real life" friend. I can certainly learn a lot from you on how to successfully raise a teenage daughter. :)
There seems to be something about me that sends the guys running for the hills. I have no interest in playing mind games or plan to inflict any emotional pain. I guess its scary to think that there are good women out there who simply want to love and care for someone special.

Affinity... you're right. I have married guy friends who say it to me too. Most times I laugh it off. There are a few times when I start to feel as if theres something wrong with me.

The sentiment goes both ways. I don't know why guys are spooked. You are genuine and very honest.

I hope you take no offense but I do not publicly disclose the state I live in.

Awww CWS...... you're always so kind to me. Thats why I adore you so.

damn replies arent posting in the right places..... my response about not taking any offense is directed at Incontanant.

Does it work as a pick up line? I have been off the market for too long to have any skills!

No it doesn't. Personally speaking, I know a guy is trying to give a compliment by saying that but for me its strikes me negatively. A sincere smile and hello goes a longer way with me.

HAH - then my old married guy skills are SUPERIOR! Take that, hard and firm single men! Hehe... I just made myself laugh. I love being married because you aren't looking to gain anything from those you meet - just friendship. (Well, that's ONE reason) OK, enough of this. I'm off to adjust my sling and take a pain pill! Have fun!

Lol!!! Again you made me laugh too. Btw... are you willing to share one of your pain pills???

Maybe in a day or two. I had rotator cuff surgery Thursday, so I'm not giving any pills up yet!

I've made a friend reqest of you, young lady. Do not be diappointed though, there are no bra and panty pictures for your perusal!

Young lady??? Flattery will always get you everywhere. lol!! Dont have a man for the moment so not looking for new lingerie. :)

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