Going Out On A Date (With My Father!)

I broke up with my long-term boyfriend Marko Kardelj a few days after my birthday last October, and a few days after that I was on my way across Europe home to France. I found my father again, and moved in with him to find a contentment missing in my life.

During the almost four months since then I have been out on two dates. Last night, I went out on a date.... with my father!

Daddy had told me he had tickets for a show at theatre, he was bing a little secretive, since last night he took me across to the fifth arrondissement, to rue Mourguet, and a cafe comique called E Boui Boui. We took public transport to get there, I don't use this much, preferring to walk around the city, so it was a distraction too.

We were looked at alot by other travellers since I was wearing my ruffled purple and black boy shorts with fishnets, a suspenders belt, a gauzy black tank top (no bra) and a bolero-style jacket. On my feet, I had my high leg basketball boots, in preference to my stiletto heeled boots.

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1 Response Feb 10, 2013

Well good for you, Hope this bonding time with your father helps you were you want to go!