Well I am 24 and waiting for the girl God has planned for me to live with.

Good things come to those who wait and I am happy about that! :)
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yeah very true....good things come to those who wait ;)

Keep waiting! Would you be glad to have a crippled up redneck praying for you on this one? I might volunteer.
In waiting on Him there is rest. There is peace. There is renewal of strength. There is refreshing. There is obedience. He's your sufficiency, sir. You'll be blessed if you keep waiting.

But remember - once He SUPPLIES... you have to treat her the way she's intended to be treated!

Aww. You remind me of myself. Lol. Good luck on your future of finding her. I wish you the best. ^_^

Thanks :) btw when ppl talk to you do they make eye-contact or hair-contact? lol :D

Lol. A little bit of both, honestly. XD

I've seriously never been asked that. Lol. So, you kind of caught me off guard with that question.

Has to be hair contact... I have a love / hate relationship with cool hair colors. They look so AWESOME, but then you want to stare and that makes you look like a goober and the other person is like "Ok moron..." hehe... Nice hair in the profile pic though, Pyrellia!

Lol. I understand what you're talking about. And thank you. ^_^

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