43 Year Old Female With Advice

Wow it took me this long to see clear. Why do I always fall for losers? I fell for someone I thought was my equal then after 13 years I realized I just fell. Any man who lies to his mother, rips people off with no remorse and tries to ruin his spouse financially for his own gain is a real piece of dirt. Good thing I was prepared. Dont marry selfish people. I help charities and I work a professional job and luckily still have my looks. So I think I am a good catch. Plus I have a great sense of humor, otherwise I would have seperated sooner and be a very depressed person. I realize in addition to love I will marry again for money. I will not support another man ever. If he cant handle his money he cant handle me. My ex and I were like the Brandy and Jarrod of the storage wars show only older and my money made him money. I gamble and win he has a hand out waiting. No more Ladies find a man that will provide for you. I may stay single for awhile but I know one thing I will not provide for any more losers.
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1 Response Feb 11, 2013

Sometimes it is hard to judge what kind of company you keep until you end up on their bad side. Good luck in the future.