I never used to worry about it, but now that I'm almost 18 I find myself craving intimacy with a girl more than anything else. I'm not talking about just sex either. I'm talking about a girl that I can enjoy cuddling and watching movies with. A girl that doesn't mind listening to what I have to say about random things and that I in turn listen to all her problems and worries. A girl that can snuggle up with me, her warm body pressed against mine as we doze off into dreamland. I'm not sure if such a girl exists but I hope to find her one day.
Silthill Silthill
18-21, M
17 Responses Dec 30, 2013

Lol reading this makes me smile at how young and innocent I was. How times have changed.

Sounds wonderful, except the movies. Great that not all guys look for the "one" thing, :) sounds romantic...sigh

Aww, if only you were 5 years older and lived in LA lol I'm that type of girl ;P i looove to cuddle, especially when the person i cuddle with is playing with my hair, that makes me fall asleep sooo soothingly haha

Where are all the local guys like you?? When I find one I'll be in heaven<3

You'll find her, don't worry

Once u find a girl like that help me find a guy like that .-. We will help eachother

You'll find her I promise :) she's out there

Oh my god I would love that lol

Omg guys like you are pretty much non existent. This is so cute I can't even.

Can I find more guys like you. It just seems that people are far more interested in sex and nothing else. I'm sure you will find a girl who wants to do the same

I'm in the same boat lol. You seem like a genuinely nice guy and there needs to be more people like you!

You will find her I truly believe that. Just focus on you right now

It is realy nice of you to be thoughtful , you will definitely find such a lovely girl !

Just being honest here..any girl would be lucky to find a guy like you. I mean even I wanted a guy like you..just saying. The guy I'm with atm is nice and sweet,but I have doubts cause the way he is.

You'll find the girl your looking for just keep trying.

Mmhmm...not many guys like you around like there should be

where can I find a guy like you?! lol. No one seems to understand the emotional aspects of a relationship anymore. I’m sick and tired of guys trying just to get me into their bed. Thank you for bringing back a morsel of hope for the male gender.

Thank you :)

Don't worry. A girl like that will come by😊