Single and Loving It!

I have been single now for about 4 years. I've had what you could call a loose fling for a few months last year, but nothing worth mentioning.
I absolutely love being single. I have quite a few friends who are in serious relationships, and I look at their situation and all I see is a prison sentence. I live my life alone, and free of any interference.
Sure there are things I miss about being in a relationship, but I enjoy being alone too much, and I enjoy not having to take anyone else in to concideration when making decisions.
No annoying phonecalls or SMSs; no need to "check in" when I'm out with my friends; no manipulative mind games designed to incite guilt or jelousy; no unexpected questions that simply have NO CORRECT ANSWER.
I simply don't think I'm ready to give all that up just yet.
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1 Response Jul 11, 2007

hahaha i feel the same way!<br />
My friends boyfriends and girlfriends question me like "how could you not want a boyfriend?!?" and it's like i ran out of ways to explain it to them...<br />
I don't even "check in" with my mother why would i want him on the back of my mind thinking about what time i should call him...<br />
or read those aggitating messages asking ME what am i doing and who am i with<br />
<br />
I love being single and caring about my own self.. rather than think about 2 people.<br />
<br />
it's nice to have that someone to caress you and things as such BUT my love of being alone is too great!<br />
<br />
it's cool you feel like that too!