I Lost My Fiancee

I have been single for over ten years. I had a fiance" we were going to be married christmas day, 1997, but unfornatley he was killed in a automobile accident, just 3 months before we were to get married.He went on afishing trip with his buddy up in minn. and a gasoline truck lost control and hit them head on. They were killed instantly. Since then I just haven't found the right person and I don't really mind being single. I know when I am ready, I will find Mr. Right. until them I am fairly happy
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41-45, F
2 Responses Jul 12, 2007

i lost my hub after forty years together. Im single now for two years. Its true, you find yourself, and no hurry to find someone to amuse me. ha ha. But life is as interesting as we make it. Not into the dating scene yet. Ill know when Im ready.

Oh, how awful - the fiancee dying part. I'm glad you've gotten to a place where you're happy now. Good luck in the future.