So We Say Were "Single"

So all this time my idea of a relationship is exactly what i have now. Spending every free second together, talking for hours about absolutely nothing, and enjoying each other every chance we get. So what is there to complain about? Well, she keeps saying she's not ready for a relationship.? I don't get it. I mean ya we both just got out of relationships before we met. Mine ten months and hers almost 3 years. I understood at first and I was on the same page but now I wonder if she's going to come around. My friends tell me all sorts of things ranging from you're just a rebounder to just have patients. I just dont know.

idunnonothin idunnonothin
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1 Response Jul 20, 2007

I know it might seem like she's ready for a relationship because of all the time you guys spend together, but if she's saying she's not ready then I'd say it's best to just respect that and not push the subject. <br />
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I think you two will have a much better chance at surviving a long-term relationship if you enter it when you're both ready. And when/if she is ready to give it a shot, she'll let you know somehow. :)