Most guys around me are jerks.....and the nice ones are taken. Glad I have internet and food💕
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chocolate, ice-cream, and soda. yes. food i have.
wifi check, yes. internet i have.
guys check, yes. bro-zoned i am.

Amen sister :D

Two of the best companions to have lol

lol that was the best thing iv ever read

Oh dear :(

Because girls/women are attracted to men who scored high on the dark triad:

Cn i try

Yep, my only true love is food right now. And internet. And Netflix <3

From a nice guys POV it seems like all the girls are going for jerks and friend zoning the nice guys XD


The friend-zone is not real.

All you need is chocolate.....

Who took the nice one's. And where did they put them?


Hang in there. I am a High School math teacher and there are decent young men out there and not all of them are taken. Some of them just don't get around to much as students tend to be busy with school, sport, work and all sorts of activities. You just need the change to meet some of them once they've matured a bit.

Well said - the math part (get it, I minused what I didn't like ;) there is hope for me yet)

You said "Most guys around me are jerks", than you need to find the ones not around you! and be weary, because the worst of men start off appealing. Look, you are young! You have plenty of time to chill and meet someone, so long as you stay true to yourself I'm sure that you'll meet someone amazing for you even if it's totally random! Although I'm not gonna argue about the internet and food part! <br />
If I didn't have anime, I would of given up sanity years ago. Anywho, all the best of luck!

I understand what you are saying. And I guess my only comment is that there arr still a few of us good ...real men...out there.


oh your so lucky!


always good combo :)

Just BUY one...

hi I like to chat with you

And you can order food on the internet too!

thats why i love them so much

Internet and food great combination

I know. They're like the love of my life

Guys at your age are revolting. Keep stocked up on EP and good food. Take care.

Not all are taken ;)

Yea, internet makes it all better and being single sucks.

No it doesn't :)

Message me

What for?


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know that feeling, most gals are... well idiots and if i actually taken to someone she's either taken or swings for the other team :(

It's okay, being single is an awesome thing tho :) you can do whatever you want!

especially with money, tho you have to admit with all the perks of being single company is the only real thing you miss lol :P

Can u help me...u sound like a student maybe u can understand my problem

What's up?

I need a few pics to sketch as my class project I have been asking a lot of people most r just giving comments on just girl's post

If u can send me a pic of u or maybe yur bro or bf or dad or anyone it will be a grt help

Nothing what about you

Wat abt me???

What? Why don't you just google for some pics

Tried it didn't help

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i think you didn't notice me..

I do now

seems like you got a great response